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MV Asia and President Cleveland - Ocean/Sea Terminal Kowloon 1953/54

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MV Asia and President Cleveland - Ocean/Sea Terminal Kowloon 1953/54

This must have been one of MV Asia's first visits to HK as she was built only in 1953. I sailed back on her in 1965. She made regular runs to HK from Genoa/Trieste until being sold off by Lloyd Triestino to Lebanon, converted to a livestock carrier and renamed 'Persia'.

Anyone know where she is now, or how she ended her days ?

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1954


This page says Lloyd Triestino's Asia was sold in 1978, but it isn't clear if it was scrapped then or continued sailing:


The Concluding Days for the MS Asia:

Whilst MS Asia was sold in 1975 to a Lebanese Company who renamed her MV Persia, but later she was converted into a livestock carrier in 1977. Late in 1984 she was renamed “Norleb” and she was sold to a Pakistani breaker, thus shortly after she sailed for Gadani Beach in Pakistan where she was duly broken up in 1985.

Asia - 1953 - Lloyd Triestino


Fond memories of a lovely ship in her day.


One year after this photo was taken, my parents immigrated to Canada via St. Francisco on board President Cleveland.  In those good old days, friends and relatives of passengers including this boy were allowed to tour the inside so it was crowded everywhere.  I joined them later in another ship President Wilson. The walk on that pier and the 18- day at sea on board Wilson remain my treasured memories.

President Cleveland was scrapped in 1974 and President Wilson in 1984, both in Taiwan (Source: Wikipedia).

Yes, OldTimer, departures were real family and friends affairs with almost anyone allowed on board to say farewell, snack and drink, inspect the cabins, public rooms and the ship in general until the announcement of 'All Ashore'.

I often thought how easy it would have been to 'stowaway' !