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Waterloo road

Waterloo road

View from the top of Waterloo road showing the nullahs.

Blow up the shot and the RSPCA office in the middle of the road is there.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, April 4, 1961


This was probably taken from where Norfolk Road runs into Waterloo Road (looking south).  But interesting how Waterloo Road seems to veer to the right (towards the west) at this junction.

Yes, the road junction on the right is York Road (where Henry Tang's residence is today) and the house on that corner is still there, although a higher wall now hides it from view.

I think it was (is) more a case that Waterloo Road is slanting downwards (towards the south), rather than the road veering to the right. 

Love the peacefulness of this photo. Today Waterloo Road probably gets a hundred cars passing here a minute!

I lived on Belfran Rd. in Kowloon Tong, and walked (further down this road) to La Salle College when it moved from Boundary St. to the - I forget the name of the street, just below King George V.  School was run by the La Salle Brothers.  Bring back memories.  Is that Lion Rock at the background?  If it is then the picture is looking north.

Is MCS supposed be on the right, but beyond this photo? So glad to see this picture, as I remember seeing the nullahs when I was a kid.

The view is of Waterloo Road facing south. The spire of St Teresa's Church is in the distance on the right. MCS should be on the left.

I think Nairn House are the taller buildings in the middle of the photo.

"to La Salle College when it moved from Boundary St. to the - I forget the name of the street, just below King George V."

Art - perhaps you are referring to Perth St where La Salle was housed in some temporary huts until the original school building was given back. This would have been in the early 50's

Waterloo Road

Not only 'seeing' the nullahs - but also smelling .. :( 

Got my only speeding fine in HK in the '60's. Pleaded 'not guilty' at Kowloon Magistrates but was found 'guilty' by evidence given by a mobile policeman saying that he timed me by stopwatch between lamposts on Waterloo Road.

Apparently a favourite stretch for catching speeders in those days, but I doubt if  his evidence would stand up in Court now.