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Cape Collinson Lighthouse

Cape Collinson Lighthouse
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, April 4, 1961


Don't think so, Mike. But your pic does look like its taken somewhere along the CWB Road.

The building on the headland in your photo has a quite distinctive conical-shaped tower which may provide a clue to identifying the place.

Could it be looking across Silverstrand Bay towards Ngau Mei Chau (Shelter Island) the headland being Ngam Tau Sha ?

I remember Run Run Shaw in those days had studios at CWB and built some remarkable outdoor film sets there !

This is how Hebe Haven looked in 1963 - there were even more boats moored there before Typhoon Wanda in late 1962.

Hebe Haven - Pak Sha Wan - 1964

I wonder if it could be Cape Collinson light, which I have read was substantially altered on 1966,but I am not certain about the topography.

Certainly looks right from the shape of the hill in modern photo below; so in the background would be where all the reclamation and landfill are on the western side of Clearwater Bay


If we flip the photo the coastline looks very much alike with morden photo below the lighthouse.

Dear Everybody:

I remember that the lighthouse is Hak Kok Tau Lighthouse (Cape Collinson Lighthouse) [黑角頭燈塔]. The upper side of the Lighthouse is FAT TONG CHAU (JUNK ISLAND) [佛堂洲] . Well, the upper position of JUNK ISLAND is a sharp peak that is TIU YUE YUNG (HIGH JUNK PEAK) [釣魚翁]. The left top seashore side is PAK SHING KOK [百勝角]. Therefore, the sea must be JUNK BAY (TSEUNG KWAN O).

In my opinion, This place is in Cape Collinson Road [歌連臣角道] nearby Siu Sai Wan East [小西灣以東].

Thank you for your attention.Best Wishes and a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

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Thanks for all the comments. I've flipped the photo horizontally, and also updated the title from "Is This Hebe Haven?".