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Old Cannons..TungChunFort Lantau

Old Cannons..TungChunFort Lantau
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1961


Are these the cannons of Tung Chung Fort, Lantau?

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Based on the placement of the four canons, highly likely.  See this present day photo hosted at LCSD.  You could also see how much restoration/enhancement work had been done to it.

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Hi T,

thanks for posting. I visited this place just last year.

As a matter of fact this was a primary school before and my father used to teach here in 60-70s. The small stone house behind the cannons was the quarter he lived. Back then he had to stay in school and could only go home on weekends once every other week. He would take the ferry that runs from Tung Chung to Central and the journey took 1.5 hours, versus 45 mins now by MTR.


Hi Ray,

How was Tung Chung like back in the 1960s?  Did your father have any photos of the village and the school?

Hi C,

yes I got some in my album, I can scan them; but not sure how to upload since I am pretty new to this website.

In 60s Tung Chung was a quiet village with perhaps a population of few thousands or less. After boarding from a YMT ferry, it would take us about 20 mins to walk to school. There were some restaurants and stores near the pier and some were built on water, similar to those in Tai O. There was only one main road where buses ran to and from other parts of Lantau.

I know in early 80s the government was working on a study of ChakLapKok airport project. ChakLapKok at that time was an island isolated from Lantau.


Thanks Ray!  I look forward to the photos.  Regarding how to upload them, please take a look at this page:  http://gwulo.com/node/6046