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Overlooking Kowloon

Overlooking Kowloon
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, April 4, 1968


Looks like the Murray Building is under construction in this photo.

The image is probably early 1970s rather than 1960s. My own photographs of the area in the late 60s just show the new Murray Building lot as being fenced off and vacant.

Tend to agree with IDJ that Murray Building was constructed in ealry 1970s. I used to live  at Macdonnell Rd in those days and the 12A CMB bus was my normal mode of transport.

I think this should be after 1968, because the new building of St. Joseph's College can be seen completed in the photo on the bottom right.


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Ocean Terminal and Star House should give some clues too.  My former employer started in the Ocean Terminal back in 1966 and these two are shown in the photo alright.  Not early 1960, at least mid-1960.

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Thanks T and Ian,I have changed the date to 1968.

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Is that the Connaught Centre (Jardine House) being built? If it is then the date should be advanced to 1971.

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If it was Connaught Centre it should be behind Union House.  That construction looked like it was beside it.  OK, let the fun begin.  Shall we do a count of the buildings?  That would surely help to date it.

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My observation, west to east started from the water front, Island side:

1.  Union House

2.  St. George'e Building? (under construction)

3.  Mandarin Hotel (behind Prince's Building)

4.  Prince's Building

5.  City Hall (both high & low blocks)

6.  HMS Tamar

7.  Mercury House (behind Southerland House)

8.  Southerland House


Hong Kong Club seemed to be obsured by Bank of China.

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I think St George's Building is correct. The date of completion of both St. Georges Building and Murray Building was 1969.