Hanoi Road Kowloon 1970 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Hanoi Road Kowloon 1970

Hanoi Road Kowloon 1970
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, April 1, 1970


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10 hanoi road kowloon

very annoying advert that ran on tv every day for months!  effective as i still remember it 40 years later.  on the right hand side was a favourite resto called marseille run by a french-speaking vietnamese guy.  if you ordered in french he would bring over a saucer of  complimentary nibbles, peanuts or something

Vanessa, great to read your comments.I also remember eating there in my youth.Also a chinese restaurant which did great won-tun soup in the early hours after too many San Migs!

Regards Mike

 Among my photos I found one from Hanoi Road, shot from the corner with Carnavon Road. Im quite sure the tree on my photo is the one seen on Mike's one.

Hanoi Road (1980)
Hanoi Road (1980), by Klaus


Found on flickr am image of Hanoi Road from 1994, unfortunately not downloadable. It shows "the tree" that is on both Mike's and my photos, and also Tack Long Dispensary.

New Marseille Restaurant
New Marseille Restaurant , by Moddsey