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Buildings in background?

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Buildings in background?

Came across this picture of my great grandfather John Olson aka Jons Jakobsson and wonder if anybody has a clue about the buildings in background of picture.

Unfortunately no notation on back of picture.


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1900


Hi Sean,

First thoughts were one of the terraced buildings along Nathan Road, eg

But it looks as though the building is set back from and up a slope above the road, with a garden wall running along at street level. So I'll guess somewhere in the mid-levels, but sorry I don't recognise the building.

Regards, David

This is another photo taken on Wanchai Road, with Homeville in the background.

Lodging House in Wanchai
Lodging House in Wanchai , by Herostratus