Group HK Police Kowloon 28 Feb 1956 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Group HK Police Kowloon 28 Feb 1956

Group HK Police Kowloon 28 Feb 1956

Chief Detective Inspector DS Roberts 2nd row, 6th from L

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, February 28, 1956


Hi Stephen,

Thanks for uploading your photos. Do you think they could have been taken at the building that is Mong Kok Police Station today? The building in your photo above looks very similar to the building in this photo:

1935 Police Training School group photo

Regards, David

2nd row from Left :-

7th  E.P.  Grace

8th J.W. Browett?


10th  W. Segrue

11th Edward Tyrer

Edward Tyrer QPM, CPM Commissioner of Police 1966-1967











12th  N. G Rolph


14th P.T Moor ?

P.T. Moor Deputy Commissioner of Police








 P.T Moor at time of retirement in 1983



15th  C.J.R. Dawson

16th A.E. "Ted" Shave ?

17th Bernie Newman ?

18th Paul Lowe

Percy Lowe,  Act Chief Superintendent of Police









Paul Lowe Act C.S.P. (retired 1966)



20th V.O. (Vic) Moss



Mr Lowe's daughter has been in touch to let us know her father's name ("18th" above) was Percy Lowe, not Paul Lowe.