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1937 Marine Police group photo

1937 Marine Police group photo

Photo courtesy of Christine Kirkham:

1937 Marine Photo

Back Row (Left to Right)

Front Row (Left to Right)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1937


Why there was a Chinese youth on the photo? He worked for the police?

It is most likely he was employed as a ' room - boy ',responsible for the cleaning of the officers' uniforms and equipment as well as the single mens' accomodation.He would be paid by the officers themselves.

I didn't know him myself, but I believe Vic Mackenzie was still around as recently as about 10 years ago.

Herbert Ramsey Terrett,HKP No A21,retired as Senior Superintedent,dec 1998

Vic MacKenzie  A113  dec 2004

Rees North  A102

Matches  A87  dec 1992

Michie  A98

Bill Campbell  A68   dec 1942 Lisbon Maru

McVey  A6

My grandpa, Bert Macvey shown bottom right in the photo sadly passed away in 1998. He talked very little of his time in Hong Kong pre-war and during the war so finding this photo was a fantastic find. If anyone has any stories or information of his time in Hong Kong this would be really appreciated.

We have a page for your grandfather at:


And another photo:


Regards, David

Does anyone have any further information about John Michie (aka Mitchie) ?

Born 3.6.1914   enlisted  June 1935   A 98   advanced to L/Sgt 30.8.1936   Interned as a single man.

Many thanks.

My understanding is that he was assigned to the Water Police after completion of training (presumably at the Police Training School which was then at Mongkok later in 1935) but I do not know where - there is some evidence to suggest that he was assigned to the Water Police detachment at Sai Kung.

Anything further most welcomed

John Michie was Lance-Sergeant 98 in the HKP. While he spent most of his service in the Water Police, at the time of the Japanese invasion he was attached to Kowloon City police station.

Further to my last post, during the Japanese attack on Hong Kong island John Michie was part of a police party who were later recommended for a commendation:  "For courage and devotion to duty displayed in volunteering and taking part in the first expedition which proceeded to Aberdeen on the afternoon of December 22nd in an attempt to obtain 1000 hand grenades from the Military Magazines at Shouson Hill in close proximity to the enemy."

The operation was conducted under the command of Asst. Superintendent George W. Wright-Nooth and is described in his book "Prisoner of the Turnip Heads".

Thanks ! Any details of his service in the Water Police  would be very welcome in particular his association with Sai Kung.

John Michie was repatriated to UK in October 1945 on the steamer Empire Logan.