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This proves "U" never work

This proves "U" never work

This photo is courtesy of Bill Groves in Australia. He writes:

Having sorted through some old family photos today, I've come across an old card kept by my father from when he was a resident of Hong Kong prior to WWII.

Known as Walter Montgomerie (Tiger) Groves he was a member of the (HKVDC) Hong Kong Volunteer Corps and was taken prisoner by the Jap's when the British Forces Surrendered on Xmas Day. But managed to keep this card throughout his confinement by the Jap's and after escaping from them, he went on to serve with the joint Nationalist & Communist forces for the duration of the Sino-Japanese War.

Thanks to Bill for sending this. We've got more about Gingle's restaurant at:

Regards, David

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1940