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c.1930 Soldiers

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c.1930 Soldiers

Detail cropped from this photo.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1930


Those in white uniforms all appear to be Officers...carrying swords...and It is interesting to note that the two officers in Khaki and puttees both have Pilots Wings on their left breast...and are carrying canes rather than swords...

I don't know what this implies...but I will keep looking...

Could this be some sort of memorial service parade???

Thanks Bill, I hadn't noticed them. Here's a close-up for a better view:

c.1930 Wings

This is one of a small set of four photos. One other shows a group pulling a carriage, that I guess carried the coffin, and another shows a group of servicemen carrying wreaths. The last shot was taken of graves in the cemetery, though it isn't obviously a new grave.

Putting those together it seems likely to be a funeral procession heading to the cemetery.

It looks as all the different services are present. Was that standard practice, or does it indicate the funeral was of someone very senior?

Regards, David

Hello David

No, it was not standard practice to have such a vast amount of the different services...unless it was for a very senior officer..or perhaps a Government representative or other important person....It is baffling though because the uniforms in the pictures are not easily recognisable....and strange that some are wearing White Tropical dress...and others...khaki...and... no sign of a Cap Badge to help us out...

The Pilots wings would appear to be British...but can't be 100% about this...

It would be interesting to see the other Pictures that you refer to...

And...is there any evidence of anyone of importance in the colony dying at this time....???...Was it definitely 1930..or thereabouts..???

All very interesting...and worthy of further detective work...