C.E. Warren advert 5 February 1929 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

C.E. Warren advert 5 February 1929

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C.E. Warren advert 5 February 1929
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, February 5, 1929


Thank you for posting this advert, IDJ. Is it from the South China Morning Post? My grandfather, Charles Warren, who founded C.E. Warren & Co. died in 1923. His eldest son, Leslie Warren, (1900-1943) took over the management of C.E. Warren & Co. at that point after completing his training as an engineer and architect in England. He ran the company until he left Hong Kong in 1941. In my grandfather's time the company had invested in the most up to date machinery for cutting marble and tiles. C.E. Warren & Co. pioneered the cutting of brittle Hong Kong granite. I mentioned in a previous post that Leslie Warren designed the gates and the bathroom for Eucliffe Castle.