Victoria | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1957


This looks like it was shot on the vehicular ferry from Ya Ma Tei.

I am afraid I do not know Ya Ma Tei. It was taken from the normal Kowloon to Victoria ferry. Stephen Chadwick

I can see the regular Star Ferry in the distance approaching Kowloon Terminal from Victoria. The ferry the picture was taken from shows part of a vehicle, and made me think it was on a vehicular ferry. This ferry was heading towards Hong Kong island. The vehicular ferry terminal is located in Ya Ma Tei, which is at the end of Jordan Road.

Brings back good memories.

Here's a view of the old pier:

1950s Jordan Road ferry pier

You can see more photos of it at:

Regards, David

PS the district name is usually spelled with a "u": Yau Ma Tei

I believe you are correct. I used the vehicular ferry when acting as an armed escort on the pay run. I had forgotten that fact. Stephen