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Street Scene-1945-Pottinger Street

Street Scene-1945-Pottinger Street

Interesting street scene with and ornate lampost and what looks like a cast iron piece of street furniture with a circular sign on top next to the ladder

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, June 15, 1945


Probably taken from Wellington Street looking in a northerly direction. The cast iron piece of furniture could have been a vent for the air raid shelter on Pottinger Street with the entrance of the shelter just behind the gathering of people.

That's an interesting shot - several interesting photos in this batch you've uploaded, thanks.

I've added a Place above so you can see what other photos we have of this junction. The lampost appears in all, but unfortunately there aren't any more clues about the short cast-iron pole and sign. Something to keep an eye out for in other photos - hopefully the sign will make it clear what it was used for.

Regards, David

From a 1920s photograph that I have seen recently, the information on the cast iron pole reads:

" In Case of Fire, Break Glass, Pull Knob and Wait, Penalty for Improper Use $50". The lettering below are in Chinese characters.

The pole was a Street Fire Alarm. 

Another mystery solved! Thanks Moddsey.

Street Fire Alarm
Street Fire Alarm, by uwm