Lockhart Road,July 1972 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Lockhart Road,July 1972

Lockhart Road,July 1972

Here is a badly damaged negative I had digitized, for the 'historical interest'. This shot was at the very end of the roll of film, and a careless developer just stapled something right over this shot. I never had this photo printed, but recently I sent a bunch of negatives to a place that scans them and sends them back on a DVD disk.

  What a shame this one is so damaged. I took it on Lockhart Road in Wanchai, in the early evening, when the lights were just coming on in the bars (you can still see the sunlight up at the roofline)

Lots of well-known bars to be seen in this photo-The San Francisco, Popeye, Hot Pants,Boston, Carnival, and just barely visible, the guitar-shaped sign of the Ocean Bar.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, July 10, 1972


I just had a bid in for a business card from the Popeye Bar on eBay, but lost it when it went for a really amazing amount-$78.77!

   I remember standing outside the Popeye,laughing at the photo of a guy who looked EXACTLY like the cartoon Popeye (and it wasn't Robin Williams,either), but I couldn't recall ever going in that bar. After seeing this business card, I know why now: It was a Country and Western Music place,which I would have avoided like the Plague back in '72.