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HMS London Hong Kong 1948

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HMS London Hong Kong 1948

A new photo of HMS London in Hong Kong taken in 1948. What is interesting besides the Hong Kong backdrop, is that the torpedo tube space here is open, whereas the space in the dockyard photo originally posted by Admin has the space enclosed. Photos taken after the Yantze incident show damage to this area.

When the vessel sailed to the UK for scrapping the sheeting appears to have again been removed.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1948


Thanks for posting this. Interesting to compare the skyline too - in this 1948 photo there is no sign of 33 or 34 Magazine Gap Road, that are visible in the later photo.

Regards, David

PS If you have a public source for the photo (eg link to another website), please could you let us know?

Here is the link I found the photo on. Many interesting photos of Hong Kong and the Far East.