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83 Bar

83 Bar

This is yet another of the photos I took in Wanchai in July 1972. If I am right, I'm standing on the corner of Lockhart and Luard, looking down Lockhart. The harbor would have been to my right. I seem to recall a place that was just a window opening up to the street, selling Fish and Chips in a paper cone, and I think it was down Lockhart, about where that Tattoo sign is,or maybe a bit farther down that side of the street.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, July 12, 1972


well i never was down there at night in 72 (too young) but we would go there looking for food after things closed down in central a few years later.  definitely remember chips in a cone and when there was some left over dosh, pepper steaks and mixed grills at the diamond or boston

Looking at Google Streetview, I see that the glossy bar "Mes Amis" now occupies the spot where the '83 Bar' was. I'm guessing it got that name by being at 83 Lockhart Road. For some reason, that's one I don't remember going in-perhaps I was only in there for a moment or two.

There was a movie made in 1985 called "My name ain't Suzie" that I just finished watching (I had read about it on the web somewhere, and got it from Amazon).  It follows the life of a girl who becomes a bargirl in Wanchai in the late '50s, up until the '80s. One of the constants in the film is the Fish and Chips place, from the first day she arrives at the "Lucky Bar", until the last scene.  What suprised me was that it was located almost exactly where I remember it. The last scene was actually filmed in Wanchai, showing all the closed-down bars after the end of the Vietnam war, and they do a shot down Lockhart, from an elevation right behind the "Pussycat Bar" sign. You see a quick view of the ' 747 bar' sign, and you can just make out the' Ocean bar' sign down the street. The Fish and Chips place (serving them in a cone of paper) was across the street from the 'Pussycat'. I'm not much of an epicure,but I still recall how good the food from the real place was.

I have been sending out the old negatives of these photos to be professionally scanned, and the results are really amazing. I've been posting them on my Flickr page here: