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East Praya construction locomotives

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East Praya construction locomotives

This image is believed to be the East Praya contractor's steam locomotives involved in the reclamation works. However the newsprint doesn't actually say so. Similar reclamation works were being done elsewhere around this time, notably at Kai Tak and the land formation for the Kowloon Tong estates using narrow gauge railways with similar contractor's locomotives. The backgound hills may give a clue. The tree in the right seems to be a bit too substantial to be growing on newly reclamation land.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, August 18, 1923


That's an interesting photo. I don't recognise the ridgeline in the background, but from the way it starts high then runs down low, and doesn't have any buildings on, it looks more like somewhere in Kowloon than Morrison Hill.

Regards, David