SPEAKEASY Bar | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong



Residents of a certain age may remember this establishment. Sadly long gone

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 6, 1972


my group of friends had a spate at frequenting the speakeasy - short lived as you couldn't hop elsewhere in the vicinity which is what we did.  brian nolanĀ“s wife eve was the singer (not great) but lawrence marriot (spelling) the resident piano player often saved the day.  he went on to play in piano bars in some fancy hotels nearby - btw 'of a certain age'?? all in the mind, my man

We used to go there after rugby on Saturdays around 1975. Yes, its distance from other boozers was a disadvantage but it was quite a popular watering hole at one time. I knew Lawrence Marriot slightly, he was still around in the 90s, playing in hotels and as a session man, very accomplished pianist and nice guy. Wonder what he is doing now.