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FOUR CHINESE SCHOLARS - Oil Painting 1950c

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FOUR CHINESE SCHOLARS - Oil Painting 1950c

This expertly executed original oil painting of Four Chinese Scholars originates in Hong Kong late 1940s or early 1950s. The boys are obviusly from a notable family. The painting is unusual in that it was painted at that time by a Chinese artist in the European style on stretched canvas. However the signature is not clear - W H Chau? N W Chen?

The frame is also noteworthy. It is wood with Gold Leaf and heavily embossed fruits: persimmons, lychees, pomegranetes, pineapples. Size 900 x 700cm

Does anyone have any idea who the artist might be?


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, February 24, 2012


Just wanted to let the person know it is W.H. Chen as the artist signature.

Best Regards

Hello Deidre

Thank you!

But can you tell me more - such as who was W H Chen? What other paintings did he do? When was he painting? And do you know who the boys in the painting are? 

I would be very interested - it is an excellent painting of this style - with a lot of meaning, in a poignant moment.

Kind regards,



Possibly the Singaporean artist, Chen Wen Hsi?

Regards, David

Hi David -

Thank you for the suggestion - Chen Wen Hsi -I have googled the link and see he was in HK in 1949 - so that fits, and part of his style was Western oil painting, and figures. So it is possible. I would need to see his signature - and samples of similar works.  I will try to follow this trail.  Thank you.

I just know this painting had a very special significance - it was not without good reason it was given to a high ranking police officer (Duncan MacPherson) in HK after WWII - some time during the 1940s-50s.  If only I'd asked !!

Kind regards,