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R A F Mount Davis Football Team

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R A F Mount Davis Football Team

R A F Mount Davis football team at Happy Valley, 1956/57 season

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1957


I have just been looking at the above photo. My old boss Brummie Beech is back left. I think the goalkeeper is named Rogers and front left is Jock Fraser of the MT section. Also back right is Polly who was a cook in the airmens Mess. One or two of the others I recognise but cannot put a name to. If you can name them I would be obliged. I have photo of the next years team, of  which I was a member , I will post when scanned. Regards Stephen Chadwick, Ex LAC Policeman.

Hi Stephen, I think you must have been at Mount Davis after I left in April 1957.As far as I can remember ,55years is a long time, the players are, Back row, Brummie Beech, Keith Martin, Pete Rodgers, Jim McCarte, Myself Den Ward and unknown. Front Jock Frased  ?  Irish chap    ?   Bob Hunter.

Hope this is correct.

Thanks for your email. I arrived on the 1st or 2nd January 1957. I spent the New Year at Kai Tak. As I was posted to 117SU, no one was sure where that was  until SHQ opened. I was originally posted to Singapore, so all my "Blues" were following out by sea. Fortunately I had a letter authorising this. I borrowed a best blue from Brian Winkless and wore that until summer dress came in. I have put some photo's on my gallery (http://gwulo.com/image/tid/2042), if you have not seen them they may be of interest. Regards Stephen 

I stumbled across this website whilst looking for memories for my Dad,Angus. At first I wasn't sure if it was Dad I recognised in the front row, so I dug out is Hong Kong photo album. Low and behold there was the very same picture complete with all the names you are looking for! Back Row (left to right) J.BEECH, K.MARTIN, P.RODGERS, J.McCARTE, D.WARD, B.POULLAOS Front Row. A.FRASER, J.DAVIDSON, P.HANLON,A.PRATT, R.HUNTER Sadly Dad passed away before I had the chance to show him this. He would have been thrilled. He loved his time out in Hong Kong and always wanted to go back to see the changes since his time out there. His album shows lots of smiles and happy times, good to have these memories of Dad in his youth! Best wished Fiona Pratt.

Dear Fiona,

Thanks very much for posting up the names of the men in the photo. I'm sure Den and Stephen will appreciate it, and perhaps it will help a few of the other people shown to find this page.

I'm very sorry to hear your dad passed away before he could see these. If you need any help identifying places (or people) in his album, you're welcome to post photos here and we'll do our best to help.

Regards, David

I have posted another photograph of your father, Angus. It is in Stephen Chadwick's gallery. Regards Stephen

A neighbour and good friend was stationed with the RAF on Mount Davis during 1953/55.  He had a spell as a pro with Accrington Stanley and played with the RAF Mount Davis football team as a defender. He is Ronald (Ron) Stobbs. If anyone played with the team during that time, or remembers Ron, I'd be glad to pass on any info. Ron is now 80, doesn't have a computer or even a cellphone but would be delighted to hear any news of his 'old mates'.


Hi Harry,

Did the RAF Mount Davis Football Team participate in any league (e.g. military leagues or leagues organised by the Hong Kong Football Association)?  Thanks.

Hi - I've spoken to Ron (who's memory is a bit fuzzy these days) who tells me that his Mount Davis team played against other RAF teams including  Kai Tak and others - i.e. teams designated by their respective 'hangers'. The team's better players - including himself - were selected to play for RAF Hong Kong and played games against  KMB (the only one he distinctly remembers)  South China and other Chinese teams, presumably in the same league. It seems, then, that the Mount Davis team played within the Military league but players from their and other RAF teams were selected to play for RAF Hong Kong in the HKFA league. Hope that makes sense !




I well remember my RAFP colleague Steve Chadwick, wondered where he was for all these years. I am in contact with Al Grabham and Fred Patrick ( who was member of the 1958 team). I will post some photos when I learn how. Kind regards.

Hi Eric,

Welcome to the site. You can see how to post photos here at:


Regards, David