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Official visit from Sir Robert Black 2

Official visit from Sir Robert Black 2

The 2nd photo in the series on some official visit by Sir Robert Black, HK Governor, to the opening of a Government Building or facility. Not sure where or what it was. The photo was in an old album. The 'dapper gweilo' with the full head of hair is my father Alan Bailey!

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1954


I would speculate that this photo was taken when the Governor, Sir Robert Black (1958-64) visited the Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market of the Fish Marketing Organisation.  Jack Cater (later Sir), for many years, Director of Agricultural & Fishery Department, was at the right.  It could be the opening of the FMO Aberdeen Market.


Thank you Lawrence, you may well be correct. My father went on to work with (Sir) Jack Cater later on in his Civil Service career. Somewhere on Gwulo, there is another photo taken at this time, showing the proximity of this building to a harbour. It could be Aberdeen.