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SS Hong Peng off Taikoo dockyards

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SS Hong Peng off Taikoo dockyards

Probably the 1937 typhoon shown in other photos from Jim's album.

Original caption in album was "SS Tai Shan off Green Island", but see Moddsey's comments below.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, September 1, 1937


The hills in the background are the Kowloon side of Lyemun Gap with Devil's Peak rising on the right. Probably taken near Tai Koo Dockyard.

Looks like the ship was the SS Hong Peng as seen

1937 SS Hong Peng

1937 Typhoon - SS Hong Peng

I was initially going to say I thought they looked different, but I think Moddsey is correct.

Thanks Moddsey, I've updated the title & description.

Regards, David