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1990s Old Bank of China Lions

1990s Old Bank of China Lions
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1996


Hi everyone,

Do you know what became of the older lions outside the Bank of China?  I have a photo which I am sure my husband told me showed him with a completely different looking lion outside the bank in 1954.

Regards, Pauline.


They are still there, they just flank a different entrance:


Hi Pauline and 80sKid, I thought the lions shown in the picture above in this thread are older, while the ones shown in the picture on Flickr are newer.  Am I correct?  Thanks.

Hi C and 80s Kid,

I can't help much.  My lion looks completely different to any of these and he does not appear to be flanking the entrance to a building.  He is lying down and is about the same height as my husband, 5ft 10ins.  His face is surrounded by a curly mane and he just looks a bit sad and not ferocious at all.  The plinth that he is lying on is quite high I would say.  Could he be outside a different bank?  Was there a Hong Kong Bank on the Island, and if so,  could that be it?  The part of the building that can be seen behind the lion and my husband in the photo is quite imposing.

Regards, Pauline.


Pauline - Probably the HSBC Lions. Your picture will unravel the 'tale'.

Hi moddsey,

I like the play on words!!   Unfortunately I can't see my lion's tail but no doubt he has got one.  I had thought that I wouldn't upload photos with my husband on but I guess I shall have to make an exception here.  I'll get my son to scan the photo for me as soon as he can,  that is his department!!

Regards,  Pauline.


Hi Pauline - Don't have to upload. The tale of the lions is told here:


This is 'Stephen' outside the current HSBC headquarters:

1990s HSBC Lion 'Stephen'


Hi Moddsey,

Thank you.  My lion is obviously Stitt and my husband must have been standing on his tail.  I may still upload the photo as he (the lion) looks much more cuddly than this one!  I was interested to read that they were cast in Frome in Somerset as this laptop that I am using was bought with a small inheritance from my late godmother who lived in Frome!!

All your help to me is much appreciated.  Regards, Pauline.

Hi Moddsey,

I have now uploaded my photo of Stitt the lion but I don't know how to make him appear here,  can you do so?   Regards, Pauline.



Hi Pauline - you can also see Stitt the lion in this video clip:


A lion called Stitt

Lots of lions in that area!

Hi moddsey,

Thanks,  I had actually found the videos on youtube and my photo looks exactly like Stitt to me so I think you've solved that one for me.  I wonder if stroking the photo will bring me luck,  I'll give it a go.  He does look nice and friendly doesn't he?  Pauline.