Gwulo football team visiting Hong Kong 1950s | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Gwulo football team visiting Hong Kong 1950s

Gwulo football team visiting Hong Kong 1950s

Stands were constructed of concrete.



Do we have any knowledge of the team or the venue, even date?  It was probably an English team given the links between the UK and HK.

I surmise the stadium would be the old Government Stadium in So Kon Po?  It might have looked similar up until the early 1990s if that was indeed the case.

Any vintage football fans to give us a clue?

definitely So Kon Po, you can see the resettlement area behind. The promiment white buildings can be seen in a photo from about 1955 here:


Anyone in Hong Kong at the moment, might be able to take a look at a recent book that has been written on the Hong Kong Football Club "Along the Sports Road. The Hong Kong Football Club, its environs and personalities 1886-2011" by Denis Way.  It might hold some clues for you all.  I can't see that particular photo that's been posted here, but the period is covered well in the book.

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So Kon Po it is, but it did not look like the Government Stadium.  If my memory does not fail me the stalls at GS seemed to be a bit taller than what's in the photo. 

There is still the possibility of it being the South China Stadium as it was older, already there before WWII.  I'll see if my aerial photo book could provide more clues.

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Found another an old photo of the Government Statium online.  I need somebody to verfy the location of the Wesley Village Building as quoted earlier. Let's foget the orientation of the stadium first.  The photo showed the building is on the right hand side of the score board.  If that is the case it just does not match the Government Stadium as Wesley Village is on the left hand side of the score board.

In this respect I tend to believe the stadium with the inspection of the team was the South China Stadium.

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Hi T I reckon you're right

How about this photo I found from yahoo photo searching using " 渣甸山" (Jardine's Lookout)? It said it was in 1946. I can see the shape of the stadium but it seems not fit for the descriotion that it was in 1946 as the Government Stadium was built in 1955.

Is it the first generation of Government Stadium?

View Looking Downward from Jardine's Lookout Yr 1946?

Greetings.  In the 1950s, two of the popular soccer teams were 南華 (Nam Wah) and 巴士 (Bus and pronounced Bar See in Cantonese).  Whenever they met, fans called the match 南巴大戰 (Nam Bar big battle).  The visiting team was likely Black Pool Team (黑池隊) from England. Regards,  Peter