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Somewhere in Hong Kong

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Somewhere in Hong Kong


I think you'll find that this photo actually shows a staircase known as Jacob's Ladder, in Jamestown on the island of St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean.

spot on! another (global) mystery solved... (scroll down)

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The same island that they put Napoleon on excile?  Cool.

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I wonder exactly why this was in the collection. I have never been to St.Helena but I understand that there was a substantial Chinese population at one time, and that many current inhabitants have Chinese blood. Hong Kong founder Charles Elliott went on to become Governor of St. Helena. At least one notable Hong Konger, namely seaman,  pirate, police agent, interpreter and eventual senior civil servant,  the multi-racial, multi-lingual Daniel Caldwell, was of St. Helena origin.


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There's more about Caldwell at: