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JUMBO fire in progress

JUMBO fire in progress

This image can be seen in the picture exhibition at the Sir Alexander Grantham Fireboat site at Quarry Bay Park

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, October 30, 1971


Does anyone else remember this? It was the most incredible fire. It engulfed the floating restaurant so quickly and so completely! Of course most of the structure was made of wood! Quite an incredible scene of carnage and it seemed to happen so quickly?

yes remember it well. I think I had posted photos of the aftermath but will do so again.


'Places' are a good way to find related photos - if you click the 'Jumbo Floating Restaurant' link above, it'll show you more photos of the restaurant, including the copy you loaded before.

Regards, David

My memory seems to be playing tricks but I could have sworn the fire was caught on film at some point and used in a feature. Does anyone remember which feature?

I remember the story had a scene where there's a floating restaurant on fire. I haven't seen the film version, but I guess it was included?

Regards, David

No, the Noble House one is set at night time, I remember daytime footage and always thought it was a James Bond film, but can't be sure.