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Marble Hall showing 'Victory and Peace' sign

Marble Hall showing 'Victory and Peace' sign

(Detail cropped from this photo)

Liz Chater showed me a photo of the hillside of Hong Kong, where Marble Hall had a large sign on its roof, but I don't remember the wording.

Liz, if you see this, was it another copy of this photo? If not, please can you tell if it is Marble Hall with the big 'Victory and Peace' sign in this photo?

Regards, David

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1919


Confirmed Victory and Peace was adorned on Chater's residence at Marble Hall.

Hi David,

Yes indeed I have this picture this is the house.  He was chairman of the celebration committee and oversaw all the events in Hong Kong.

best wishes


Thanks to you both. I've updated the title and add the Place.

Regards, David