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From Tates Cairn

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From Tates Cairn

This shows the view from Tates Cairn on 11th July 1954 on a trip by my husband to Jat Incline and Customs Pass via Tates Cairn.


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, July 11, 1954


Here are a couple of photos I happened to take from a near idetical location, in May of this year.

Tates Cairn towards Sai Kung
Tate's Cairn

Thank you Craig for your photos of this fabulous view,  it's good to see it in colour. Thanks also for all the interesting info about the tunnels on One Rise More.

Regards, Pauline.

I suspect that Pauline's photo is looking more or less due North from Tate's Cairn, down to what is now Shatin new town. I'm fairly certain we're not looking at Pak Sha Wan / Hebe Haven, as shown in Craig's (albeit fine) shots.

Rob, I think you're right. Thanks for the correction,

Regards, David