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Buf'lo Farm

Buf'lo  Farm

From the page in the album entitled Jat Incline and Customs Pass via Tates Cairn.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, July 11, 1954


The area was sometimes referred to as Buffalo Pass.

Does anyone know what became of Buf'lo Farm?  Coming from rural England as I do this doesn't look like any farm that I have seen before and I can't really make it out at all,  I assume that the animals are buffaloes but, if so, what were they used for?  I am mystified so if you know any more moddsey please do tell!


No idea at this juncture. But Buffalo Pass and Buffalo Hill are mentioned here:http://www.hansens-hikes.com/Hikes/Eastern-Hills.html

Thank you for the link.  I have looked at the Hanson's hikes and I can see why my husband went on these exploring trips, he always liked to be walking and climbing!!


I'm wondering if it was originally some type of WW2 pillbox or military building?

The shape of the building isn't a regular square or rectangle. Instead it has several angles to it, similar to observation points we've seen.

If you zoom in to the corner of the building nearest to us, you can see the building is built into the ground, and an L-shaped retaining wall is built to leave a passage to what looks like the door. That's a lot of unnecessary work if you're just building a farm.

Has anyone seen / heard of military buildings in the area between Tate's Cairn and Buffalo Pass?

Regards, David

I checked with Rob Weir, and he's confirmed it is Pillbox 126. This is the first photo I've seen of a British pillbox in Kowloon or the New Territories!

Regards, David

I am delighted that this photo has proved so interesting,  it was a puzzling structure to me but now all is revealed!!  Would there be any connection with the next photo,  defences on one rise more?  Thank you for this David.

Regards, Pauline.