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"G" Branch Outing. Floating Fish Restaurant.

"G" Branch Outing.  Floating Fish Restaurant.
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, August 11, 1954


      This photo,  from 1954 or 1955,  actually has a sign saying Tai Pak Sea Food so the caption written by my husband is accurate,  this was a floating Fish Restaurant.


The boat looks very similar to the one at Castle Peak. Was it definitely taken at Aberdeen? If so, does anyone know when they changed boats/restaurants.

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This Tai Pak didn't look like the one in Aberdeen at all.  Unless, ie, there used to be an older version of it.  But we have seen the present day one in some older movies before. 

I guess we need a bit more photos for comparison, or get somebody old enough to take a look.

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     This is just identified as Floating Fish Restaurant in my husband's album and it is on a page entitled "G" Branch outing.  They obviously went to Lamma Island and the photos were taken on the same day 11/8/54, the photo to the left of this is Aberdeen Channel and the one to the right is Aberdeen so it would seem that this Tai Pak was at Aberdeen but, as I am not familiar with Hong Kong at all,  I can't really help any more than this.  How far away from Aberdeen is Castle Peak?



Actually I think it is Aberdeen. Take a look at the following snippet from "Love is a many-splendored thing" at about 4:51 to about 4:56.


You can see this Tai Pak in the background (at least I think it is the same one).

We know this was filmed in 1955, so I wonder when they swapped to the current version of the restaurant?

     Looking at 1966  HK  Photo Gallery by Tom Briggs I came across this comment posted by E.  CHAN on 11 Jan 2008.

     'Aberdeen is my birthplace in HK.  My father was cook  chef of Tai Pak Floating Restaurant between 1950s and 1973  ... '

     No doubt this man, who now lives in the USA,  knows the answer to our questions!


Here's another view from the 1950s, showing the old-style floating restaurants:


Tai Pak floating restaurant was originally in Aberdeen. In the early 60' it was replaced by a new boat and the old one was towed to Castle Peak. This picture is surely taken in Aberdeen as the year is 1954 and the mountain behind is so short that it can only be Ap Lei Chau. Mountain in Castle Peak is much much higher.