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Bonham Strand?

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Bonham Strand?

David thinks the road is Bonham Strand (not the shoreline). Any comments?

Photo was taken around 1900

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1900


I wondered if the shoreline was Bonham Strand (see map on page 6 of this presentation). But now seeing the photo was taken in 1900, that can't be true. Bonham Strand was already inland by then.

There aren't many junctions where the roads meet at a sharp angle like this. How about the junction of Connaught Road and Wing Lok Street? Except the road along the shoreline looks too narrow for Connaught Road. Puzzling...

it is largo da caldeira - macau, the inner harbour.  the building in front was a chinese hotel :)

the macau tourist association issued a series of black and white postcards with old images to coincide with the transfer of sovereignty in 99.  obviously the value is negligible but the memories are priceless :)

Thanks Vanessa, there's no way I'd have ever got that one!

HF, the linked site dates the photo to the 1870s.

Regards, David

It proves that the label on the photo is always not reliable. The photo came from an album which has HK photos taken in late 1890 and early 1900. So I date this photo 1900..... HF

on the photo says Praya West, Hong Kong.  That's got to be a complete mistake?