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HQLF Party 1954/55

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HQLF   Party  1954/55
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1950


    Hi David,  hope this resolution on the old computer's scanner is okay?

     Military personnel at this party, probably taking place in HQLF  1954 or 1955 include Lt. Colonel Jeffords, Major L. Bussell and Captain Slateler. Not all personnel were in uniform and the man with the three stripes, who I guess is a sergeant,  may be Vic as this name is inscribed on the back as well.  Any ideas as to what the effigy in the left corner represents? I have several other photos of this party so if this one is okay I will post the others later.

Best regards,  Pauline.

Hi Pauline, That's great - much sharper, thanks.

The effigy in the left is a strange one. I thought of Guy Fawkes! Or as you think they were involved with intelligence, maybe it was a pretend spy? Around its base appears to be the text

?.S.V. 'George'

But I don't know if that's related to the name of the effigy, or just happened to be what they used as a base.

Regards, David

The sergeant on the left, belongs to Royal Army Service Corps, is a qualified paratrooper and wearing the formation sign Land Forces Hong Kong (chinese dragon).

The man on the right, is wearing the formation sign of 40th Infantry Division (bantam cock), then HQ in Hong Kong.  Can’t tell his rank but his shoulder strap looks shiny.

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     Many thanks.  I have more photos of this party which I will post later on.  One of these will have the effigy identified as,  what looks like G 51 George, by my husband;  it is included in a group with Major Bussell, Col. Le Feuvre, Capt. Craig, Capt. Johnson and Major Collins and also in one with Capt. Storey and Major Bussell.  I wonder if the G has a connection with G Branch,  the 51 may read si, it's difficult to tell with my husband's handwriting!