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Central park in 1970s ???

Central park in 1970s ???


Hi Toby,

Please can I check you've already been in touch with Dave Davies, and he has no objections to posting copies of his photos here? He certainly has some interesting photos of Hong Kong, especially around mid-levels.

Regards, David

PS I think the playground might be the one at the top of the botanical gardens. See this photo for a comparison.

i think you are right ... the zoological and botanical garden ....

Sorry that i did not try to ask for his permission to post the photo here .. but i just quoted the name of the person who own the pics ...




this is Dave Davies Link ... where the photos are copied from ...

Hi Toby, I wrote to Dave and received a good reply:

It is okay to use my photos as I have no objections to my photos being used on other sites, in fact I am very pleased to know that other people have looked at them.

I lived in Hong Kong with my family from November 1971 until May 1974.

I lived in Wanchai from November 1971 until September 1972.  I had a 2 storey apartment in the Soldiers and Sailors Home (22 Hennessy Road).  Sadly this building has now been demolished and replaced with a Skyscraper.

From September 1972 until May 1974 I lived in an apartment in 88 Bonham Road.  Looking at Google Street Scene this building still exists but seems a bit dilapidated now.

I was with the Army in Hong Kong and was stationed in Victoria Barracks.  I notice that one of the photos on your site is of my wife and son standing outside the Headquarters building with the harbour in the distant background.

I've made a couple of changes to make it easier to show Dave's photos:

  • The "Image (external)" now works with Picasa, the same way as it works with Flickr. It lets you quickly create entries for the photos here without needing to copy any files around, and it means there's an automatic link back to Picasa for every photo.
  • I've made a new gallery, "1970s Dave Davies' photos", to collect all his photos together.

Regards, David

David , thanks for your effort in preserving old hk ....

You're welcome - and thanks for joining in to help us.

Regards, David

Is the building above this scene, part of Victoria Barracks - possibly now part of St.Joseph's on Kennedy Rd.  Cotton Tree Drive runs right by it?

If it is, I think it is where I sat my 11+ exam in 1965? I was at Gleneally School at the time?