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Nepalese Hindu Temple

Nepalese Hindu Temple

Nepalese Hindu Temple, Fanling



I'm trying to get some information on this temple, which i believe is in Fanling. what (i think) i know is that it was built by the British for the Gurkhas in the 60's. does anyone have any more information on it, especially the design. also i'd like to know if it is still operational/accessible and it's exact location.

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My guess is, the temple was located within a barrack for the Gurkha regiments.  That would mean, if the barrack is not already occupied by the PLA, it might have already been surrounded to the Government for future development.  Either way it is very unlikely to be operational.

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Are you sure it was in Fanling? If you do a google search on Gurkha Temple you will find some references to one at the former Perowne Barracks in Tuen Mun. It used to house the Gurkha regiment of the Royal Engineers.

The only other place I can think of is near to Cassino Lines where the Gurkha Cemetery is situated, but I'm just guessing. That is near (ish) to Fanling.

The Hindu Temple at Burma Lines (formerly Queen's Hill Camp) in Fanling was built for the Gurkhas in the !960s. Further info:

Is Queen's Hill/Burma Lines still open? I know it was slated for redevelopment at some time but wasn't sure if members of the public  could wander in.

thanks for the link and thanks too for other responses, it's such a beautiful interior as well, i hope i can find and visit it. does anyone have any further advice/info


Some more notes about the Queen's Hill Camp / Burma Lines over here.

Gun Club Hill had a Gurkha temple when it was occupied by Gurkha Signals and Transport Regiment.

Thank you very much for this photograph. I never thought I would see the temple again. It brings back a lot of childhood memories. 

This temple is/ was in the Burma Lines (that's what they used to call the place) in the Fanling area (nearest shopping place was the Fanling market).  All the British Gurkha Barracks or Camps, I can remember seven in Hong Kong, had their own temple and a priest was assigned to each. There was another barrack called the Gallipoli just 20 minutes walk from this barrack.

The temple is in the shape of the lotus flower which has a significant importance in Hinduism. Due to this shape, you can find many sharp edges of the roof rising from the floor level to all way to the top inside the temple. I can still remember accidently bumping my head into them umpteen number of times. You can also see the store room attached to the temple. It was always painted green on the outside.

I dont know what ppls think about this place...but for me this place is not less  than Heaven coz i was born in Here in 1975  and my dad was army..n as far as i know  till 1992 this camp was used by British Army than after this camp was turned over to the Hong kong police..n HK police also left this place in 2001