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View from ?

View from ?

Caption reads:

Kowloon and Entrance to Harbour
Taken from window of our room

Dec 1945

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, December 1, 1945


Just a guess.

You can also see the Japanese War Memorial in the distance.

Most likely the road in front would be Austin Road. Probably taken from Gun Club Hill Barracks looking south which would suggest the photographer would have had a military background.

The Hong Kong Island hills in the background:


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I would say it's more likely the the photographer was standing somewhere on the hill behind Knotsford Terrace, ie, the Observatory.  Gun Clun Hill would be a bit more toward the East.

If you are on Gun Club Hill you should be able to see St. Mary's and the Rosary Church in the foreground.

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There appears to be a hill on the right. Would that be Observatory Hill?

Was that the Japanese War Memorial on Mount Cameron in the far right background?

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I guess all we need is a set of old enough survey map with some simple tools (rulers, set squares, compass, strings) and use the skyline together with signal hill to triangulate..........

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On this 1930s photo Moddsey posted recently, there are some tall buildings (light colour, slightly curved) that look as though they'd be on Kimberley Road.

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If the photographer was in one of those, they'd look out over Granville Road and get a view a bit like this one.