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Gate to military camp

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Gate to military camp



17th / 21st Lancers:  Well, whether or not we can trust wikipedia, there is an entry for the British army that claims this Regiment was in HK between 1960 - 63.

The length and straightness of the road makes me think this was taken at Shek Kong. Looking south(ish) from Kam Tin Road.

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Tend to agree with philk that this is the main entrance to Sek Kong Camp. Compare Fred Evan's photo:

and note the 18 Field Ambulance on both signboards.

My old Regiment served in this camp in the 50s and I have been looking for a photo to include on its web site, may I have permission to use it, I will glady give credit. Regards  Chris Dunham

Hi Chris,

Please contact me at

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and I'll send you the details.

You'll probably enjoy Fred Evans' photos too. He was stationed at Sek Kong in the 1950s.

If you see any photos that spark a memory, please leave a comment. We're always glad to hear more about what we're looking at in these photos.

regards, David