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1960s Jordan Road

1960s Jordan Road
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1965


Just to the right of the policeman's shelter is a pink-coloured building. It's still there today, and the design has always looked very similar to the old Lung Moon restaurant in Wanchai, and another building in Mong Kok that also looked like it was called Lung Moon.

There's a red & gold name sign sticking out into the road that has a '門', though it's not clear which building it's attached to.

Any chance it was another restaurant owned by the same people?

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The sign read 金門 (Golden Gate, if you must translate it into English) to me.  Owing to the small size of the photo I was unable to distinguish the other two words, but it might be 餐廳 (Restaurant) or 舞廳 (dancing hall or room, which targets mail customers).

Back in those days shops might not have a proper name in English.  They may end up with some sort of phonetic translation when they register their business.

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Ah well, so much for my theory - looks like it just happens to be a similar-looking building. Probably built around the same time.

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