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1960s President Hotel

1960s President Hotel
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, June 1, 1962


Which part was on Nathan Road - the side with the slope, or the side with the name?

The sloped entrance ramps for cars were on Lock Road, and the side with the President sign would be Peking Road.


Lock Road must've been a busy place considering it's a fairly skinny road. Does anyone have any pics?

Was it on the same block as Swindon? I can't imagine such a huge building on Lock Road either.

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It was on the opposite side of Swindon.  Actually the former Hyatt Regency was demolished just a few years ago and in its place now stood an awkward shopping arcade called i-square.  It is really quite a 'square' place with so many escalators and passages.  Maybe it's just me, I don't like its layout.

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postcard of lock road ramp of the president/hyatt.  this was used by tourist buses and delivery trucks.  the door led into the back of the lobby with the seating area and coffee shop



front and side of the hotel  probably taken from chungking mans



selection of matchboxes from the hyatt

Hi Vanessa - any chance of uploading a copy here - I'm afraid I don't do facebook anymore (as you may have gathered already).
cheers, Phil

philk - as you may have gathered too, fb is my preferred site for uploading images (just so easy to do).  also you don't have to be a fb member to visualise the links as i have removed all the privacy settings.  maybe when gwulo makes it as simple, i will do the same - cheers

Hi Vanessa, I can't seem to do it, it just keeps telling me I need to login. No worries, I'll try badger someone with an FB account to let me have a peek. Cheers Phil

Facebook photos from the links above.


Cheers Annelise. So now I can see the ramp. Even now I can't believe Lock Road had so much space. It feels really closed in these days.