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BOAC ad from the 1960s

BOAC ad from the 1960s

A friend sent me this ad from the 1960s, but I can't identify the street. Some say it might be Aberdeen Street. I also found from another Gwulo'er that the woman in the ad is actually Anthony Hard, the transvestite son of a taipan. Does anyone have info about the location or the ad? Inquiring minds want to know!



I uploaded this photo, but couldn't add my name to it during the original uploading. So I didn't mean to show up as Anonymous. Sorry about that.

the only other thing to add is that the picture was dubbed 'antonia' in its day and many thanks to liam fitzpatrick for sharing this gem of wisdom  for all to share

The friend who e-mailed it to me thought it was a BOAC ad, but now I guess it wasn't. Thank you, Vanessa, for sharing Liam's information!

It was Aberdeen St.

1960s Aberdeen Street

Little Aberdeen St survived. The once mighty BOAC didn't. Another HK legacy?

That's quite a story for what looks like a straightforward photo!

Susan, I think you're right about it being a BOAC ad. I saw several similar photos of western people in 1960s Hong Kong recently (unfortunately can't remember where - probably Flickr).  In each one there was a clear view of a BOAC bag, so I guess they were part of an advertising campaign.

Thanks so much, everyone. Pete Spurrier at Blacksmith Books thought it might be Aberdeen Street, so he gets credit for that! The friend who sent me the scan of the poster thought it was a BOAC ad, so she gets credit for that!


Does anyone know how I can get a copy of this picture or where I can get a print of this picture?  I'm looking for a large print out like a movie sized poster.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If a BOAC poster try British Airways Heritage Collection listed below. They inherited BOAC's material.

You will have to show them an example the image you are interested in. They have many thousand of posters and advertising images on file.

or search through the airline posters at
There are also many aviation poster/advertisment dealers worldwide on the internet




thank you so much! i will definitely check it out and contact them!

I think this was shot by Bob Davis, photographer in Hong Kong. Bob is still here.

If you're in touch with Bob it would be good to hear if this is one of his - and even better if he has any more shots from the series he can show us!

Regards, David

At least four of the many picture/framing shops in Queens Road East near the Hopewell Centre are displaying this image for sale in different sizes in their shop windows.

 It was a fashion photo taken by Francesco Scavullo. "Antonia" from 1962. Appeared in Harper's Bazaar Magazine in June 1962.

More about the photographer here and Antonia