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St Christopher's Home

St Christopher's Home

Thanks for the information regarding St Christopher's Home. Pictures here are of the then Anglican Bishop of HK - Gilbert Baker - unveiling the plaque which is below. in July 1969.

Hope it is still there!

Given the money involved when the home was sold perhaps the family might have been better advised to hold on to the land!

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, July 1, 1969


I can see Ma Shi Chau on the left and Centre Island just behind the man second left, so I think from this angle we are looking approximately due east from this point - 22°26'1.74"N  114°11'56.00"E.

This is all part of the private complex now so I don't think there is public access.

That particular development set a sale record for Tai Po back in 1998 - of course this was at the height of the house prices before the crash. Lots of people lost a lot of money. However, had the family held on to it, you'd be multi multi millionaires by now.

I am doing a research project on Bishop Hall and would appreciate very much the story of the donation of the land by Mr. Olson for the building of Tai Po Rural Orphanage or St. Chrsitopher's Home. 

Thank you very much,



Hi Moira,

All I can tell you is that the parcel of land that is mentioned had belonged to my family for many years. When, in 1966, my grandmother died during a visit to HK, her sons Hugh and Ossie decided that the land should be donated as you will see from the stone which once marked the spot.

If you look at toward the back of the site you will see a mention of the handover. I also have an album of pictures taken at the handover.

I have been in touch with the home but they seem wither unwilling or unable to give information. Most unsatisfactory.

You can contact me by email at and i would be happy to answer any other questions.

Sean Olson