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Suzie Wong - Far Eastern Motors

Suzie Wong - Far Eastern Motors
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1960


This looks like the breakwater leading from Gloucester Rd to Kellett Island.

There's a mention in 1954 of the Far East Motors building in the background (via Google Books):

... new service garage of Far East Motors (controlled by Wheelock Marden group) was completed last week. It is situated at the east end of Gloucester Road...

Can anyone show where the current location of this "Fas East Motors, Ltd."? Thanks.



Hi there,

If my memory did not fail me the breakwater linking up Kellet Island used to be joining the water front at the proximity of Percival Street & Gloucester Road, that would make its present day location of the Top Glory Tower, between Hoi Kung Court & Sina Plaza.  That would also make it somewhere between Cannon Street &  Percival Street. 

It should be easy looking google maps for this.

Best Regards,