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Enter the Dragon - opening credits Kowloon shophouses

Enter the Dragon - opening credits Kowloon shophouses
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1973


Can you see the number of the bus in any part of the shot? That might help narrow down the location.

here is an enhanced screen grab done thanks with help to David for recommending GOM player.

Enter the Dragon - Bus route

As you can see it looks like a 2x. I know there is an island route of that number now, but where did it go in 1973?

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By the configuration of the bus that's from the KMB fleet.  The then
CMB did not use these with the stairs at its tail.  I had been an islander when I was a kid back then and did not wander in Kowloon that ofetn, thusI was not familiar with KMB routes at that time.

Some bus enthusiasts might have the details, but what the captured showed could have been a 2C or a 2E as well.

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There is plenty of choice as there were Routes 2A to 2F with most passing through the Nathan Road/Shanghai/Reclamation Street corridors at some stage in their routes.


Living in Yau Yat Yuen in 1972 I used the 2C route regularly. The street image posted of bus 2? seems to show a bus larger than I recall the 2Cs were. They were road wrecks. It was not uncommon when turning from Chatham Road into Wylie Road for the bus body to lean over so far it rubbed on the tyres filling the cabin area with blue rubber smoke. The crew uniforms consisted of well worn singlets and shorts along with flip-flops. 


CMB buses on the island were no better. In a 1980s RTHK TV documentary a CMB bus was randomly selected en-route in North Point and taken off the road by a Transport Department Inspector into vehicle testing station. Underneath the bus the film showed all the shock absorber levers hanging down unconnected. The prop-shaft’s universal joints had bolts missing and loose, there were brake problems and other road worthiness issues totally 17 defects that should have kept it off the road.



I agree with IDJ that it can't be 2C, as I used to take 2C from TsimShaTsui Terminal to Mongkok going to school. That would narrow down to 2? that likely goes from TST to So Uk Chuen (蘇屋村). I would guess this is somewhere near Portland Street in Mongkok.

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You could be right but if so then the only place that really fits is the section that has since been redveloped into Langham Mall - most other buildings along Portland St that I can see are not shophouse style and already more than 40 years old i.e. they would have either already been built or in the process of being so during filming. (the film was shot through Feb/Mar/Apr of 1973)

Perhaps the junction we can see is the one with Shantung ST?



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thanks for sharing. Worth to find out.


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My information is not that up to date as I had not walked along Portland Street for at least half a year.  However last time I was there there was still two shop house near Dundas Street.  Among of the very last, I'm afraid.  The street view photo was dated some time in 2011.

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I was born and grew up in HK, but immigrated to Canada some 20 years ago. I tried to visit HK often and I always enjoy going back to old districts, trying to pick up past memories.

You know nostalgia can sometimes be very lonely.

Hi Thomas - it's a big shame that still no one really cares about these places. I wonder when those remaining ones were built because I get the impression that most of the other shophouses (that would have lined the street) had already gone even by the early 70's. This is why i feel that if there were still any shophouses left over by 1973, then the area around the Langham Mall seems to be the most likely because all of those current buildings are post-73 (I think the development was completed in 2004?). Most of the other buildings along the street pre-date this film.

Assembling information from various Hong Kong forums, the scene was proved to be shot in Shanghai Street, Yaumatei (southbound one-way traffic), and the street across is Man Ming Lane. 
The vertical signboard with blue background and red characters 梁蘇記遮 was a popular umbrella factory/store called Leung So Kee, situated at 321 Shanghai Street. This was the company's 4th sub-branch set up at 1944.
The white shop at the right is a cutlery (knife shop) named Au Lee Cheung 區利昌刀莊. The shop still exists but relocated to 297 Shanghai Street, just a block further.
The whole site had been demolished and became the Man Ming Lane Rest Garden.

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Many thanks for your info. RichardWongHK also said the same thing in this comment a few weeks ago.




In the movie, once the bus has moved away, the shop to the left of 梁蘇記遮 (Leung So Kee, 321 Shanghai Street) became visible. It was 老實公司 (Lo Shut, or "Honest" Company, 319 Shanghai Street), a shop that I know very well and visited frequently in my childhood.

Here is a link to one of the numerous descriptions of the shop: http://www.hkmemory.org/old-shops/text/index.php?p=home&catId=43&photoNo=0