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1960s Hong Kong

1960s Hong Kong

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In the 1960s, Hong Kong experienced severe water rationing. In 1967, taps were turned on once in every 4 days for only 4 hours!

I remember this so well - we had to store water in the bath!

Beside the lack of rainfall, China may have turned off the tap to excerpt political pressure on Brit HK govt during the '67 riot.

I think that the shortage was in 1963, I was in the army (1961-1964) working on Stonecutters Island and living on Boundary St. My wife had one son born 1961  and twins born 1963 Mt Kellet and Bowen Road Military hospitals. I enjoyed my stay apart from typhoon Wanda when I was stuck on Stonecutters for 3 days!

Hi Jaygee,

There were several droughts in the 1960s, though 1963-4 was the worst. There's a good diagram on pages 5 & 6 of this document showing how rare it was to have a full day's water supply before the mid-1960s, with rationing still required until 1982: 


Regards, David


Since you worked on Stonecutters Island, do you know of the Foster family whose son Malcolm is a HK University graudate of 1965. Classmates of his would like to get in touch with him for a reunion in HK.