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Somewhere 1

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Somewhere 1

Photo courtesy of Geoffrey

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1940


We can see a lot of rubble in the foreground, so I wondered if this was somewhere that had been bombed near the time this photo was taken.

Also the building on the hilltop looks like it has a gilded dome, like you see on an orthodox church.

Any sugegstions where it could be?

Like some of the other photos from Geoffrey's collection, I cannot be sure but I think this photo was taken in Macau.

that picture is of the beginning of the praia grande (macau) during a period of reclamation. one of those buildings is the former liceu.  reclamation was ongoing in this area from the 20s as it was prone to flooding the whole of down town.

the building with the 'church like attributes' from afar is actually the post office - built 1929 and still standing in san ma lo

for pin-pointing it.

Regards, David

Thanks Vanessa. I had a feeling the domed like structure belonged to the Post Office but couldn't be sure. Cheers.