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Kai Tak Departure

Kai Tak Departure

Boarding a BOAC Comet4...my parents and I seen off by Jardine's/BOAC staff

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, June 1, 1961


Nice photo. I like the scooter!

Mode of transport for a variety of Jardine staff on the tarmac.By the time I was working there we had Hillman vans as well.

Hi Mike - I don't think we ever met, but I was living in Nairn House, at the junction of Argyle Street and Waterloo Road in the early 1960's - amazingly, the two blockas are still there, as I visited them in 2011, and still occupied by Govt servants..!

My dad (Desmond Wake) was in the HK Customs, and based for some time at Kai Tak. He went over there from the UK in 1949 and worked for HAECO, and met my mum who was a stewardess for BOAC on Flying boats - Melba da Cruz was her name..! I went to KJS until I too went to boarding school in 1965..there were a lot of us who did..! Things have come full circle as my son is now a pilot with Emirates and one of his best friends flies for Cathay Pacific...! Woild love to hear from anyone who knows me, as they say..! 


Brian Wake

Brian....glad you liked the photos of Nairn House and hope you have seen the other pictures and

HK Airways articles on Gwulo.Hope you have some pictures you can add to the site.

My parents had very good friends,Jack&Ena Reid,who worked for HAECO,for many years,did you know them?