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Looking in to Portal 11
See the article for more details.


There used to be one on Queen’s Road East across from the HK Tuberculosis association. Wonder what number that one was and what had happened since. I understand these old bomb shelters are now converted into wine cellars? 

That was part of Tunnel Network number 10. We've got some more photos and information at: http://gwulo.com/mount-parish-tunnels

Hi there, I guess you one you mentioned is the Crown Wine Cellars in Shouson Hill. It used to be an armory, not just simple shelters. Google it and you should have the information. Thanks & Best Regards, T


I vaguely remember that the tunnels underneath Mount Parish (Wah Yan College Hong Kong) were used to store radioactive waste at one point.  Can someone verify that?

There's some more about the radioactive waste in the article and the comments at: http://gwulo.com/mount-parish-tunnels

Regards, David

Hi there, Yes, it was being used for storing medical radioactive waste in the late 1970s through 1980s, I think. The storage had since been move to one of the Soko Islands. I don't know its exact current location though. T


thanks for the information. much appreciated