Sacred Heart Canossian College [????- ]

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From Wikipedia:

Originally the school educated girls from aged 3 to 18, it had a kindergarten section, a primary school section and a secondary school section. At that time the site covered a stretch of land that spans between Robinson Road and Caine's Road. In 1981 the secondary section of the school moved to Pokfulam but the kindergarten and primary sections of the school remain on the original site on Robinson Road. In 1988 roughly half of the land was sold to developers of high rise residential buildings. The kindergarten and primary sections moved to temporary accommodations until the new buildings on Caine's Road became ready for moving-in in 1992. Since 1981 the secondary school took the name Sacred Heart Canossian College while the kindergarten and primary sections were renamed Sacred Heart Canossian School .

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We've been asked:

Do you have old photos of the original site of Sacred Heart Canossian College which was located on Caine Road and Robinson Road?

I spent my first six primary school years at the old campus, and memories of their architecture have been lingering on all these years. Hoping to get a glimspe of those old buildings again, in big and white photos...

I see there are some old photos on the school website. Anyone know of any other good ones out there?