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27 Magazine Gap Road [1954- ]

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Some previous conversations about this place. Sophia started us off:

What is its history? What is the structure on the roof top - it seems to have been built as an after-thought. Many thanks!


Centamap just lists it as '27 Magazine Gap Road', and shows the occupation date as "09/1954". Not sure what's up on the rooftop.


If it helps, I recall something was written about the building and its history some time ago in the SCMP.


I see it going up to the Peak, it is a handsome building and I hope it won't be pulled down, especially if it is a private residence. I don't subscribe to the SCMP - I will try my luck at the library next time I make it there. Thanks.


27 Magazine Gap Rd - no name - RBL 37 - in 1924 was listed as "515 The Peak - Smith's Villa"

In 1915 was listed as "Smith's Villas East & West".

as to the name, here are the names of the following addresses

34 Magazine Gap Rd - Cameron Mansions
40 Magazine Gap Rd - Cameron House


According to one of my friends, the location of the villa is sort of bad fung shui.  It is located on the eastern side of the Magazine Gap, where it is extremely windy (even with gusty wind sometime) and humid in any season.  You just wouldn't want to stay outdoors.

On the other hand the annual maintenance of the villa would probably cost you an arm and a leg.

Photos that show this place


I doubt it will be demolish and be changed into little villas, because the Ko Family still lives there. Both my grandma used to come here for mahjong. The owner is Chinese and had married a film star from the 50s... their off springs have been here for decades. Don't worry, it should still be standing. 

If it gets sold, I will let everyone here know.

Owned by Tak Shing Investment Co. Ltd