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My connection is that my Uncle was a 2nd Engineer in the employ of Jardine working for the Indo-China Steam Navigation Company and when the Japanese invasion was imminent, he volunteered for duty with the HKDDC - he and some of his fellow crewmen were assigned to the Royal Navy aboard the RN armaments tug 'Gatling' and was thus on board when the tug was struck by a bomb during a Japanese raid on 18th December 1941. He and most of the crew on board were killed. Earlier research has confirmed that 'Gatling' was not written off in the attack but was salvaged and later returned to service under different names for several years after the war. What I am really hoping to find is an image, a drawing or a plan of the boat but I have thus far drawn a blank. I was hoping that maybe something might surface from the wealth of information on this site.




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